The Missing Piece in Your Webinar Sales Process: A Low Ticket Membership

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Ishwar Sundararaman . 14 Dec 22

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Are you tired of struggling to convert webinar attendees into high ticket coaching clients? It could be because you're missing an essential step in your sales funnel: a low ticket membership program.

Mistake: Big Jump

Many coaches make the mistake of offering a free webinar followed by a high ticket offer.

But this approach can be overwhelming for potential clients, who are not ready to take the plunge and lead to disappointing conversion rates.

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Missing Link: Low ticket Memberships

A low ticket membership program offers an intermediate step in the sales funnel. 

It provides potential clients with a taste of your coaching style and expertise without live access to you. 

Fundamental Ingredients of a Membership

Members get access to bite-sized content from you every week, that helps them make progress.

1. Short videos
2. carousels
3. Blog posts, / threads
4. Checklists / Templates
5. Quizzes
This can build trust and rapport, making them more likely to purchase a high ticket coaching program in the future.

Magic of Membership: Recurring Revenue

Not only does a low ticket membership program provide an essential step in your sales funnel, but it can also provide recurring revenue and help you grow your email list. 

It's a powerful way to offer value to your clients and provide ongoing support and guidance, without giving every individual your time


If you want to increase your conversion rates and sell more high ticket coaching programs, it's time to implement a low ticket membership program in your sales funnel. It could be the key to unlocking the success of your coaching business.