The One-Video-a-Week Membership Based Coaching Model... Explained

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Ishwar Sundararaman . 14 Dec 22

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Are you a coach struggling to find clients on a regular basis? 

You're not alone. Many coaches struggle to attract new clients and generate consistent income.

Not because they aren't great at what they do.  They haven't found a way to expose their expertise to more people

Without a consistent source of leads, it's hard to grow your coaching business. 

And if you don't build trust with your leads, it's difficult to convert them into paying clients.

But how do you do that without drowning in strategy calls with people who don't even want to pay for your services?

Well, say hello to the one-video-a-week membership-based coaching business model

Where you charge members monthly and give them access to recorded content, one week at a time

It's the perfect answer to your woes.

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It's the perfect answer to your woes.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider adopting this model for your coaching business:

  1. Fast to start. You don't have to create a full course or program – just record a short, high-value video each week.
  2. It provides predictable revenue, without being a drain on your time. You can create a monthly or yearly membership fee, and deliver value to your members each week without having to spend hours on one-on-one coaching calls.
  3. Get paid monthly to share recorded content with members. Whether you offer a video series, a podcast, or something else, your members will be willing to pay for access to your expertise.
  4. It's a low-risk way for potential clients to try out your coaching methodology and evaluate your expertise
  5. You can build your personal brand by sharing your expertise with members. By consistently delivering high-quality content, you'll establish yourself as an authority in your field and attract more leads.
  6. It allows you to attract consistent leads. By offering a membership program, you'll create a steady stream of leads who pay you for your recorded content and are interested in your coaching services.
  7. It helps you build trust with your leads and convert them into paying members. By providing value and building a relationship with your members, you'll be able to convert more of them into paying clients.
  8. You'll have a steady stream of paying members who trust you, and who are likely to be interested in your high-ticket personalised coaching programs.

In conclusion, the one-video-a-week membership-based coaching business model is a great way to generate consistent income and attract new clients. 

It's quick and easy to get started, provides predictable revenue, and helps you build trust with your leads. 

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