The Benefits of a One Video a Week Membership-Based Coaching Model

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Ishwar Sundararaman . 08 Dec 22

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Are you a coach who struggles to generate consistent, predictable revenue from your business?

If so, the one video a week membership-based coaching model is the solution you've been looking for!

This innovative coaching model offers a number of benefits and there are more than one reason to adopt

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Benefits for the Coach


1. Easy to Start

One of the biggest advantages of a one video a week membership model is that it eliminates the need for coaches to build a full course. 

This means that coaches can get their program up and running quickly and easily, without spending months or even years building a course you are not sure will sell

2. Recurring Revenue    

One of the major benefits of this model is that it provides coaches with a regular, consistent predictable revenue stream. 

If you want students to pay monthly, they have to get new value regularly as well.

By offering one recorded video a week, you provide recurring value and get the right to charge monthly. 

3. Create what members want

Many times while building a course, you are guessing what customers want to learn. 

In a one video a week membership model, you have a direct line of communication to your members. 

Now you can get feedback on what they want and need from the coaching program, so you can tailor your program. 

This level of engagement and feedback can also help coaches improve their program over time, making it more effective and valuable for members. 

4. Easy to Scale

Finally, this coaching model is easy to scale. Whether you have 10 members or 10,000 members, you still have to continue making just one video a week. This can make it easy to grow your coaching business and reach more people without having to invest in additional resources or infrastructure. 

Benefits for Clients

1. Low Risk for Clients

Potential clients have the opportunity to try out your coaching style before committing to a more expensive program. 

By offering a weekly video coaching session at a lower price point, coaches can give potential clients the opportunity to try out coaching and see if it is right for them before committing to a more comprehensive program. 

This can be a great way to introduce more clients to how you coach and build a good funnel of future clients for your more expensive 1-to-1 programs.

2. Implementable Pace of Learning

We all lead busy lives. Taking the time out to learn is a serious problem for more of us.

The regular, consistent pace of learning provided by a weekly video coaching model makes it easier for clients to implement what they are learning getting them results.

3. Accountability

Regular weekly coaching sessions can provide clients with ongoing support and accountability, which can be crucial for helping them stay on track and make consistent progress towards their goals. This can be particularly valuable for those who are looking to make significant changes in their lives, as they will have a dedicated coach to help them along the way.

Which is the best platform for membership based coaching programs

Unsolved is the only platform you need to start and scale your membership based coaching program.

You can create bite sized learning in the form of short videos, image carousels or threads.

And your members will be able to participate in a community to learn, discuss and more


In summary, a one video a week membership-based coaching model offers a number of benefits for both coaches and clients. 

P.S If you're considering becoming a coach or looking to grow your coaching business with this model, don't forget to check out Unsolved