9 ad hooks that sell courses & membership (like crazy) 😮

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Ishwar Sundararaman . 06 Dec 22

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If you're looking to sell memberships to your course or coaching program, you need a compelling ad hook to grab the attention of potential members.

An ad hook is a catchy phrase or tagline that entices the audience to click on your ad, take action and join your membership.

Here are nine types of ad hooks that will set you up for success:

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Question hooks 

Asking a provocative question is a great way to get people thinking about your membership and its benefits. 

For example, "Ready to reach your full potential?"

Emotional hooks

Appeal to the audience's feelings and emotions by highlighting the benefits of being a member. 

For example, "Are you frustrated that you aren't getting enough leads for your coaching program"

Personal hooks

Make the membership relevant to the individual viewer by highlighting how it can benefit them personally. 

For example, "Join our community and get 1-on-1 support and goal setting every week."

Comparative hooks

Compare your membership to a competitor's offering to show why yours is the better choice. 

For example, "Do you see so many lesser qualified people advertising and getting clients?"

Benefit hooks

Focus on the specific benefits that your membership offers to entice the audience to join. 

For example, 
" Gain access to 20 micro courses, live sessions, 1-on-1 mentoring ."

Testimonial hooks

Use customer testimonials to show how effective and popular your membership is. 

For example, "Don't just take our word for it, see what our satisfied members have to say about us."

Offer hooks

Provide a special offer or discount to entice the audience to join. For example, "Sign up for a year-long membership and get one month free."

Exclusivity hooks

Make the membership feel exclusive or limited to create a sense of urgency and desire. 

For example, " Apply now, to join our exclusive Invite only membership. We accept just 1 in 5 applications "

Mystery hooks

Create a sense of curiosity and intrigue about the membership to pique the audience's interest. 

For example, "Discover the secret to reaching your goals and achieving success with our program."

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