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Create bite sized learning regularly. Share it directly with your audience. Earn Recurring revenue monthly.
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You don’t need a course to teach !!
Bite sized learning helps people make regular progress. And helps you generate recurring revenue via memberships
  • 1. Tips & Hacks
    Share Tips, Hacks & Tools in the form of a post, a thread, an image carousel or a single video
  • 2. Micro Courses
    Create short 10 minute Micro courses, and step by step tutorials to help them take action
  • 3. Live Workshops
    A work together or feedback session is amazing to clock progress
  • 4. Templates
    Share templates, mock tests, case studies & more to help them achieve outcome
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Influencers with over 2mn cumulative followers are launching memberships
Shynee Narang
Yoga Therapy
Rashmi Raut
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Kulbhushan Sarin
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Getting Paid to Travel
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Wow Magic Tricks
How to Get Started
  • 1. Create a Network
    An Unsolved Network is your own space. Create micro courses, invite members, go live, chat groups & more
  • 2. Seed Content
    1 micro course, 1 giveaway & 5 posts are perfect seed content before you start inviting members
  • 3. Setup Payments
    Connect your Razorpay or Stripe account & get paid instantly, directly to your bank account
  • 4. Invite your Audience
    Announce your launch, create some hype, do a few live webinars, Convert people
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Online learning has long been about never ending courses and learning alone. Let's change that - Together !!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are micro-courses
A micro-course is a short 10 min course, typically split into 1 min portrait videos, the kind you would upload on Reels or Tiktok.
What if I want to host longer courses or programs
You can absolutely do that. You can blend recorded sessions with live sessions to create a longer program that people complete over weeks or months
What is a learning Network
Think of a learning network as your own academy or school on the internet. Students join your online school and take different courses and programs there
Should videos be landscape or portrait
Since most people will access Insta Learning from a mobile, we do suggest portrait. That said they could just rotate the mobile to see landscape too
How does Unsolved make money
We make 5% commission, for all users acquired by you, via your link. If an existing Unsolved user buys your course, then we will charge a little more
Do I have to create courses
Not really, you just have to add value to your members in the shortest possible time. A post, an image or a video does the trick
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