World's Simplest
Membership Based
Coaching platform
No course needed. Create weekly lessons with our AI assistant.
Charge a monthly subscription
AI assistant
It's Easy, Predictable & Scalable
Unsolved makes it easy to start coaching. Recurring revenue makes it predictable & our growth formula takes you from 10 - 10k students
  • 1. No Course Needed
    You don't have to build a course, just publish a weekly lesson
  • 2. Recurring Revenue
    Sometimes a carousel of images can teach more than a video ever could
  • 3. AI assistant
    Want help creating your weekly lessons. Get your personal AI assistant
  • 4. Launchpad
    Stop learning tech & marketing. Get our launchpad team to create your membership site, ads & videos
How to Get Started
  • 1. Create membership site
    Launch a membership site with Unsolved super fast. Get a beautiful landing page built super fast
  • 2. Setup Payments
    Connect your Razorpay or Stripe account & get paid instantly, directly to your bank account
  • 3. Invite your Audience
    Advertise, create hype, do live webinars, or announce to followers. Grow your membership
  • 4. Publish weekly
    Use our AI assistant to help create lessons weekly, or go live with your members.
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Online Coaching has long been about unscalable 1-on-1s and one time revenue courses that are impossible to build. Let's change that - Together!
Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get my own membership site
Yes, you can get your own site, your own landing page, and your own learning network, that you can share with your members.
How much does it cost
  • Onboarding and launch support at Rs. 1999/week
  • Commission on every transaction of 7% + taxes (includes payment gateway charges of upto 2%)
  • AI assistant at Rs. 499/month
Do you have a white label solution?
Yes you can connect your unsolved network with your own website domain for an additional Rs. 999/month (or $19/month)
How is this different from other LMS startups & solutions
We are the only platform where you don't need a course to start coaching online. Just publish a weekly lesson & charge a monthly subscription
How can I see examples of membership sites built by other coaches
Just scroll up ot the section “Memberships in action” Click any of the coaches there to open their membership sites
Are there limits or restrictions
You can have unlimited paying members, unlimited posts & unlimited courses. Max file size of each video is 100mb. Content you publish must be legal
Ready to Get Started?
Use AI to launch your membership site right now