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Online Coaching
Create “Futuristic AI assisted” Interactive learning experiences from your own website
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The Future of Learning
is Interactive
Personalized assessments, tailored lesson plans, gamified learning & on demand tests are available, for you to deploy
  • 1. Membership Site
    Get your own website to host learning GPTs, create membership plans & start selling
  • 2. Interactive Learning Apps
    Just pick your AI apps from our store, modify or even create your own
  • 3. LMS or Live
    Create videos, links, pdfs & images with AI. Upload it in one click. Go live to add the human touch
  • 4. Community
    Build an engaged audience that interacts, comments, likes and more
How to Get Started
  • 1. Create membership site
    Launch a membership site with AI super fast. Get a beautiful landing page in no time
  • 2. Setup AI teaching assistants
    Assemble, modify or create your own interactive learning experiences
  • 3. Ads & Sales
    Use AI to advertise and get leads. Make sales & get members
  • 4. Get Paid
    Connect your Razorpay or Stripe account & get paid instantly, directly to your bank account
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The Future of Learning is Interactive. The future of coaching is AI assistants.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I get my own membership site
Yes, you get your own site, your own landing page, and your own membership zone, to eable interactive learning, host live sessions or even recorded content
What is the total commission charged
  • Commission on every sale is 7% + taxes = 8.26%
  • Payment gateway charges of upto 2% is extra in the Silver plan, but is waived in Gold & Diamond plans
Can I connect my own domain?
Yes you can connect your unsolved network with your own website domain if you opt for the Gold or Diamond plan
Can I create my own Interactive learning apps with AI
Yes, and you don't need to know coding, describe what you want and our AI will craft an interactive learning solution perfect for your subject
Can I host a recorded course?
You don't need a course to launch, but if you have one, we have a complete LMS to help you host it and share it with members.
Can I restrict content by members?
Yes, you can restrict content & live sessions that is visible to members depending on the plan that they have purchased
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