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Automate & Scale your Business

Level Up Fast with MICRO-COURSES

We live in an Insta generation which wants to learn, and achieve outcomes, super fast!

  • Short and easy to consume lessons

    Less than 10 minutes of teaching

  • Clear Outcome & Goal Oriented

    Achieve a desirable outcome in less than 60 minutes

  • Celebrate

    When you celebrate outcomes, students want to level up again

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69% of students want to learn in a COMMUNITY

And your community doesn't have to be on a different platform than your course

  • Courses & Shared Knowledge

    Recorded / Live and Cohort Based / Self Paced. No matter how you want to enable learning, we have you covered

  • Challenges, Contests, Quizzes, Races

    64% want highly engaged, immersive and fast paced way to learn

  • Threaded feed, Chat groups, Audio & Video

    Discussions & Networking made super easy

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64% want the learning experience GAMIFIED

Making learning fun can drastically increase course completion rates, student engagement and make them likely to both buy again and refer others

  • Streaks, Points & Leaderboards

    Automatically use game like elements to reward your students when they complete a session

  • Session Timers

    Set the estimate time to complete and students get a focused timer to help them complete outcomes

  • Higher Life Time Value

    Students who achieve intended outcomes buy again and become passionate advocates

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We automate your marketing and engagement efforts. Set it up once and forget it post that

  • Marketing Automation

    Automatically notify members when new courses launch, when the seats are filling up and announcing your last calls

  • Engagement Automation

    Remind people to join live sessions, Complete sessions and share their tasks

  • Automating Financials

    Automatically issue invoices, single click refunds and more

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3x Learning

5x application

100x fun

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Best Suited For

Professional Learning Communities


Automate & Scale your coaching business with an all-in-one platform with course, community

Flipped Classrooms

Course Creators

The easiest way to start teaching online, Don't pay for a zillion tools and then worry about stitching them together

Communities of Practice

Community Builders

Community building is hard, we make it easier to monetise with courses & gamification

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  • 2k
  • 4k
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  • 8k
  • 10k

% of community who take a microcourse in a month

  • 0%
  • 100%
  • 0
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100

Avg price of a micro course

  • $0
  • $100
  • 0
  • 25
  • 50
  • 75
  • 100

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*Actual earnings will vary and is a function of many variables

Launch Pricing

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All the features at zero cost

  • 0/year
  • Unlimited members
  • Up to 2 Admins / Community managers / course creators
  • Unlimited Courses
  • Mobile Access via Unsolved app
  • Receive payments via Stripe
  • 0% commission on "new to Unsolved" users, acquired by you
  • 20% commission on sales from "existing Unsolved users"
  • Withdraw weekly
  • 1000 Emails Free/month
  • 2000 Notifications Free/month


Upgrade to your own domain

  • 699/mo (payable annually)
  • Whitelabeled on
  • Mobile Access via Unsolved App
  • Up to 2 course creators
  • Templates to match your brand
  • 5% commission on all sales
  • Withdraw Weekly
  • Free 5k emails/mo
  • Free 10k notifications/mo


Go Pro with your own app

  • 1999/mo (payable annually)
  • Everything in Premium plus
  • Branded iOS & Android apps
  • Unlimited Course Creators
  • Support for app launch
  • 3% commission on sales
  • Withdraw daily
  • Free 25k emails
  • Free 50k mobile notifications


Let's talk about your requirements


What are Micro Courses

Micro courses are easy to launch, short format courses (less than 10 minutes long), which students can apply to achieve an outcome in just 60 min

What if I need more emails & notifications

You can upgrade your limit by an additional 10k emails & notifications at just $10/month. Upgrade & downgrade as you need

What if I want to host longer courses or programs

You can absolutely do that. A micro-course is just your hook to get people to join your community. You can then host longer courses & programs

Will you show ads in my community

Though we don't right now, we may monetise free communities with ads in future, only if you don't actually monetise them with courses yourself

What is a learning community

Is simply a community created by a host to combine structured course led learning with peer learning & collaboration between members

What if I need more course creators

You can add an additional course creator at a small fee of just $5/mo. Or go with our pro plan for unlimited course creators

Is it free to join for members

All communities are free to join. You can keep it open, closed or secret, so it's as exclusive as you wish it to be

Do you enable live classes

Yes, you can have live or recorded classes or even both in the same course format. Combine the best of both worlds for amazing results

Do I pay 5% if a user I acquired transacts a second time

No, any user you acquire to Unsolved will remain 0% commission for the lifetime of your community. We will never charge you a commission on those users

What automation can you help me with

RIght from onboarding users with welcome messages, to reminding students when a session starts - Automation is at the heart of what we do

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