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Monetise your followers, by creating short 10 min tutorials, made up of 60 sec reel like videos. It’s Insta learning for an Insta generation
No Credit Card, No Fixed Fee
Convert followers into paying students
4 easy steps to start selling micro courses to your following
  • 1. Create a Learning Community
    They will come for the course, but stay to be a part of your inner circle. Upsell & Cross Sell anytime
  • 2. Upload your first micro course
    Micro courses are less than 10 minutes long and each course session is just 1 minute, like Reels or Tiktok
  • 3. Share Link with followers
    Share your course on your profile, in your videos or even in your paid advertisements
  • 4. Start Selling
    Use our default payment system or link your own Razorpay & Stripe accounts. Get paid on your terms
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Influencers with over 2mn cumulative followers are creating micro-courses. Join them now
Shynee Narang
Yoga Therapy
Rashmi Raut
Makeup & Beauty
Kulbhushan Sarin
Budget Photography
Sahil D Star
Shuffle Dance
Rashi Choudhary
Getting Paid to Travel
Aswin Vijay
Wow Magic Tricks
Everything you need to Engage Students
All In One App Based Platform to Create Fun, Social Learning Experiences. Only influencers can do that
  • Live Or Recorded Sessions
    Teach how you like. Go live when you have to and record when you don’t
  • Community & Chat Groups
    Enable conversation between students, create project groups. Have fun!!
  • Audio & Video Rooms
    A social experience, where your students can create study groups, join rooms & more (coming soon)
  • Gamification
    Get students excited, and competitive with our in built gamification features (Coming soon)
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Online learning has long been about never ending courses and learning alone. Let’s change that - Together !!
Frequently Asked Questions
What are micro-courses
A micro-course is a short 10 min course, typically split into 1 min portrait videos, the kind you would upload on Reels or Tiktok.
What if I want to host longer courses or programs
You can absolutely do that. A micro-course helps to get students in to your community. You can then host longer courses & programs.
What is a learning community
Think of a learning community as your own academy or school on the internet. Students join your online school and take different courses and programs there
I have normal landscape videos
Don’t fret, We support those too. Go ahead and choose the video orientation as landscape when you are uploading them to Unsolved
How does Unsolved make money
We make 5% commission, for all users acquired by you, via your link. If an existing Unsolved user buys your course, then we will charge a little more
I have never created a course
Not a problem at all, we have a Course Incubator Program, just for you. We will guide you step-by-step, right from creating your first course to selling it
Don’t have a micro-course yet?
Don’t worry we have your back, take a look at our micro courses that help you get started